January 23, 2019

The simple idea that we have unfettered access to the throne of the Most High, is
beyond extraordinary and at best absurd. Scripture shows us that the Lord God
Almighty is set apart from all creation. The universe sings in harmony of His glory and
splendor. We are imperfect and sinful at best! The space between what He requires
and what we can be is so incredibly vast, it is like comparing our planet to “Canis
Majorus,” the largest star discovered so far by our limited science in the universe.
Moses, an adopted Prince and a fugitive, had an encounter with a burning bush
(Exodus 3) and discovered something never considered until that moment. Although
we cannot reach God in our own merit, He can absolutely reach us. A voice called out
from the bush and declared something strange and revealing. “Take off your sandals
for the place you are standing is holy.” In that moment Moses had to ask the question:
“What made that dirt holy?” It didn’t look any different than any other dirt he had been
walking on for the last 40 years.

The answer was discovered later when God told Moses to put his hand into his cloak,
and then was told to pull it out. Moses was able to see how unclean and dirty he was.
Then as God took away the leprosy of his hand, Moses got it! Just like the dirt….what
made the dirt holy was that God declared it. What makes you and me holy? The God
of Creation declares it. 1 Peter 1:6 “Be holy as I am holy!”
The Lord God Almighty, so wants to have a relationship with you, so much so that He
has moved heaven and earth, declaring you holy and making you righteous through
the price He paid 2,000 years ago on a tree. With this He has given you and me
complete access to His throne and the heavenly Realm! When we pray…we are raised
up and seated in the Heavenly Realm (Ephesians 2:6). When we worship…we are set
apart from all creation and ushered into His presence.

In Isaiah 1:18, God calls us to wrestle out our sin with Him. Your sin is no match for His
grace. “Where sin abounds, His grace abounds more!” (Romans 5:20). Those who go
to church aren’t perfect or without fault. We have simply discovered the depth of
forgiveness and the art of pursuing a God who has set us free. Unfortunately, many
continue to bring the weight of their guilt, fear and shame! They never take off their
shoes and don’t discover what made the dirt holy! Thus, they leave the same way they
came, thinking that they have received all there is and never experiencing the power of
an encounter with a burning bush!

God has made a way through the sacrifice of His son and promises to give us life
everlasting, The offer has been made…we just need to accept it! Just Say’n….

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Eric