Spiritual Enlightenment

Jul 12, 2020    Pastor Eric Roberts
We had some internet connection problems when live recording so there are a few a few short disconnects.
These days everybody seems to be talking about Spiritual Enlightenment but what is Spiritual Enlightenment? Do you feel like you have a big hole in your life that nothing seems to fill? In today’s message by Pastor Eric discover 4 keys that lead to a relationship with God and the Spiritual Enlightenment the world is looking for. If you are tired of trying to fill your God-shaped hole and want a relationship with God but just aren’t sure how to do that, please feel free to contact us at discovery@discoverykitsap.org. We would be happy to talk with you. This week’s message notes: https://notes.subsplash.com/fill-in/view?page=eb-tNEWhRZ4