January 30, 2019

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash
We have the power to speak life into others; to encourage and build incredible bridges to hurts and pain in those around us and to guide those, we influence into truth and grace. Consider that every word you speak goes out into the cosmos, bouncing off unending objects and ricocheting off various surfaces for eternity. I have heard it said that if we had the technology, we could capture President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address as he gave it more 200 years ago.
That is a crazy thought to think of sound as something that never ends. If this is in any way remotely true…it really takes the idea of our words into a whole different perspective. James chapter 1 tells us to: “be slow to speak, slow to anger and quick to listen.” Putting a bridle on our tongue is one of the most difficult things to tame. When you look at Jesus’ life in the four accounts of the Gospels, what is not there is as important as what is. You never hear Jesus speak death into someone, I have never read of Him having to tell anyone that He was sorry for something He said. Every word He spoke was intentional and purposed.
Even those who meant Him harm and wronged Him were blessed by Him. Even in His anger when He cleared out the Temple with a whip, He used specific words of life. He was never accused of gossiping or slandering anyone around Him. In fact, He was never caught arguing with anyone. Yes, He asked difficult and revealing questions, but He never needed the last word.
He spoke life. His words encouraged, healed, restored and strengthened those who had opportunity to meet Him. His words were selfless and focused on what those around Him needed. He listened and read people as one who was truly interested in them and He ultimately gave everything for them.
This week consider your conversation with others. Purpose your words as though they are the very words of God (1 Peter 4:11). Determine to be an instrument of positive change in someone’s life and look for God’s determined outcome in every conversation. There is much we can do with our words that will last for eternity.
Have a blessed week.

Pastor Eric