May 1, 2019

             “ Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you
                           for your progress and joy in the faith,”   Philippians 1:25 NIV

To live out this walk with Christ means that we need to be utterly poured out for Him. The moment I surrendered my life to Jesus, I gave up my will for His. My life, authority, relationships, dreams, possessions, resources and wealth became His. No longer living for my will but His. Jesus came to give us joy unspeakable and everlasting peace. (John 15:11; Romans 15:13) That joy and peace manifest in and through us the moment we align ourselves in obedience with His leading and guidance.

I am becoming more convinced the reason many who are in the body of Christ are not experiencing the fulness of His joy and peace is directly related to our lack of surrender to what He has called us to. You have a destiny and when you are not fulfilling it there is not great joy! Yet, I see many who have committed themselves to following Christ still investing in their own will and dreams resulting in failure, anxiety and misery. But whom am I to be poured out unto? You!

My joy comes through making myself available to those He puts in my path for His will and purpose. As I serve those around me, I find complete fulfilment in a supernatural peace and joy that is unspeakable. There is a correlation with His anointing in my life and my aligning my thinking, confession and action with His desire for my life.

Many in the body of Christ have struggled to determine God’s will for their lives. What if His will is simply that you become available to those around you by simply finding a hurt and a need and allowing the gifts and resources He has given you to supernaturally meet them? Ministries are often discovered out of unintentional obedience in a moment of becoming available to unforeseen circumstances.

I heard a man who had been tortured for Jesus, as a result he lost his arms, legs and tongue. Yet, he would be placed on a bench at a bus stop every day and by using his mouth he would pull gospel tracks out of his shirt pocket offering them to people who would sit or pass by. No matter what your limitations may be, you can find joy and peace in being poured out for those around you today!

It’s a surreal thought to consider that our joy and peace come when we put the joy and peace of others before ourselves.

Have a great week, God Bless!

Pastor Eric